Hi classmates…..

Sharon Weber Teger-Jones wrote to say:

I spoke with Sally of Sterling Farms.  About 4 months prior to our reunion (in June)  --  I'll send Sue a draft  registration form for a golf outing on November 1.  After form review and input from Sue and her team, I'll ask Andy to send it out, perhaps attached to one of the Newsletters.  Based on the response to the forms, I'll coordinate with Sally or Paul of Sterling Farms and set up Tee-times.

So the "golf" planning will be quiet for a time.  You'll hear from me in June.


From Facebook’s “If you’re really from Stamford…..”

A message for Peter Calo....Are you any relation of Dick Calo, Rippowam HS class of '64? He's on our "lost" list and we would like to locate him.

From Peter Calo:

Andrea, he is my brother and has been in L.A. for 40+ years, as a broker of Exotic autos.

Haven’t gotten any contact information from him yet for Dick Calo.  If you know Peter, please ask him to contact us.


From Susan Konigsbacher Blomberg:

I basically shared Jim Morris's note with you. He challenges Bob Jaffe to a foot race across the dance floor. He had a knee replacement 5 years ago and walks 4 miles every day; he really enjoys it. He wants to tell Bob to keep up with the physical therapy; it stinks but is the key. The race is open to all members who have legitimate transplants.

From Dave Childs:

Just to let you know, Helmer and I are high in the mountains so were unaffected by the floods! Thank you for the concerns. 

I am in China for a month and missing the Aspen turning to gold! Fall is upon us and snow will shortly follow!

How I miss that wonderful time of the year!

Best wishes to all!

By the way, my good friend of so many years, John Talbot came to visit with his wife a while back. We got together with Bill Sloatman, who lives near by, on the back deck and told many stories of the old days in Stamford!

From Rose Ippolito Nemchek:

No music? Your kidding I hope!  Is this the class I went to school with? I still like to rock out!!!!!! ---

From Charlene Fish Bryan:

What an interesting mess of opinions.  You and Susan deserve an award for bravery to take on this number.   I haven't decided as we are off to Israel next Sept and then a month in Europe- its all about timing I suppose. 

Favor please - will you send me Sue Hallock's email please as we will be going back to Scotland during our trip and I'd love to contact her as perhaps she's close by to Edinburgh.   Thanks so much - blessings to all,  


Please notice on the invitation that DJ and dancing have been added.  We are in the process of signing a contract with Sean McKee (as recommended by Marje Krassner Tracy) of James Daniel Entertainment Company.





NOVEMBER 1, 2014


6:30 – 11:30 pm


Sheraton Stamford Hotel

700 East Main Street

Stamford, CT 06901


Cost:  $75 per person, $150 per couple



Dinner Stations

Cash Bar

DJ - Dancing


The event will cost $75 per person, $150 per couple.  Susan Konigsbacher Blomberg will be collecting the money so please send your check made out to Susan Blomberg, 27 Fawn Drive, Stamford, CT 06905. 


The Sheraton Stamford Hotel has given us a terrific lodging package.  For all of you coming from far distances, you can plan to stay for up to a week at these rates.  You’ll have time to visit friends and relatives, see the autumn colors, and/or take the free shuttle to the train station for a New York City visit.

You can make your reservations now by calling 1-800-325-3535 (request the Rippowam HS Class of 1964 group rate) or copy and paste this link on your browser:

The rate is $89 plus tax for each night.  Rooms are specially reserved for Friday and Saturday nights but rooms are available at this rate from Wednesday, October 29 to Tuesday, November 4.  You can cancel up to 6:00 pm day of arrival with no charge.  Included is free parking with in-and-out privileges and a free shuttle bus service within 3 miles of the hotel.  The cut-off date for these reservations is October 17, 2014.  Availability will be on a space available basis.


Class of ’64 Fiftieth Reunion Countdown

These 72 classmates (plus 2 teachers) have told us that they hope to come to our reunion next year (those in red have paid already):

Arlene Anderson Mavilia                         (Florida)

Lesley Arnow                                          (Maryland)

Arlene Ash                                            (Massachussets)

Don Bergin                                           (Florida)           

Marilyn Berkowitz Borkin                         (Oregon)

Carol Bloom Kaplan                             (Massachusetts)

Susan Brafman Lieberman                     (Missouri)

Debbie Butler Bryan                               (Massachusetts)

Carol Campana Vinnedge                      (Florida)

Nancy Campana-Kehl                             (Florida)

Don Case                                              (Connecticut)

Pat Chiapetta Thal                                  (Connecticut)

Ralph Chianelli                                     (Connecticut)

Vivian Ciccarelli Lasko                            (Connecticut)

Pat Cottone Kuznitz                                (Missouri)

Jack Cummings                                    (California)

Brian Darling                                           (Kentucky)

Carol DeAngelis Bussey                         (Connecticut)

Diane Eisenstadt Schechner                           (Florida)

Joe Faryniarz                                          (Connecticut)

Chuck Freedman                                             (Hawaii)

Bob Friese                                              (Connecticut)

Ed Frye                                                   (North Carolina)

Peter Gayowski                                       (Connecticut)

Lester Genden                                       (Texas)

John Ginter                                          (Connecticut)

Sue Hallock Reed                                   (Scotland)

Tom Hanley                                           (California)

Nancy Hart Pratt                                     (Connecticut)

Dave Helmer                                           (Colorado)

Judith Hett Blake                                     (New Hampshire)

Susan Higbee                                         (California)

Bob Jaffe                                              (Massachusetts)

Sharon Johansson Wisniewski                (Connecticut)

Karen Juraska Edwards                      (South Carolina)

Mary King DiSalvo                               (Virginia)

Susan Konigsbacher Blomberg                  (Connecticut)

Ron Kopek                                              (Connecticut)

Marje Krassner Tracy                             (Connecticut)

Wayne Kunkel                                        (New York)

Judy LaBrie Biddle                                  (Massachusetts)

Andrea Lauf Moon                                  (New York)

Sharon LeVan                                       (Florida)

Richard Lind                                           (Texas)

Andrea Loftus Jones                                    (Michigan)

Robert Lowman                                      (New York)

Joan Mackler Levy                                  (Connecticut)

Jean Middlebrook Walker                       (Connecticut)

Fred Miller                                              (California)

William Miller                                           (Texas)

Jessica Mitchell                                       (New York)

Ellen Montgomery Reardon                     (Connecticut)

Claudia Mossman Faugno                      (Connecticut)                       

Cynthia Obuchowski Ginter                (Connecticut)

Alice Paoletta Tuohey                             (Georgia)

Charlie Petersen                                     (Indiana)

Tony Pratt                                               (Connecticut)

Paul Prentice                                          (Colorado)

Bob Pugliese                                          (Florida)

Diane “Gail” Rowe Noto                          (Connecticut)

Carol Shumate                                        (North Carolina)

Dennis Skigen                                        (Illinois)

Adele Stapleton Moros                       (Connecticut)

Dave Thomas                                        (South Carolina)

Judie Wallston Birnbaum                        (Connecticut)

Suzie Warner Raboy                               (Connecticut)

Sharon Weber Teger-Jones               (North Carolina)

Judy White Cummings                         (California)

Linda Whiting                                       (Maine)

Bob Wood                                                      (South Carolina)

George Yates                                         (Connecticut)

Nancy Zielinski Nedderman                     (Connecticut)


Jim Morris                                                      (Connecticut)

Kate Walsh Morris                               (Connecticut)


Fred Bosse



Rippowam's class of 1964 has their very own website where you can read our high school Yearbook, our graduation program, copies of the "Totem Pole", see old class photographs, read back issues of the newsletter, access our name and address contact list, and find links to Facebook group pages.  Here is how you get to it:

We have a group page on Facebook called "Rippowam class '64".  Currently, 83 of our classmates are members of the group.  You can easily access the group page by clicking on this URL (address):

We also can communicate with each other, create running commentary, make suggestions, and see what everyone else has written on our Forum.  It's free to use but you have to sign in to participate. A good way to see all the discussions at once is to click on "outline" at the top of the page.  Just click on this URL address:

Here is another group page on Facebook called “If you’re really from Stamford (CT) you’d know…..”.   To find it click here:




Have you kept in touch with any of these classmates or with their family members?  Do you have any idea of how we might find them?  Do you know if any of them have different names because they have remarried?  We may have some sort of address for them but have not been able to confirm that it's correct.


Barbara P. Anderson Pierce

Ronald L. Bergquist  *

James K. Berry **

Barbara E. Bodick Hildebrandt **

Michael P. Boshnack *

Margaret I Bratsenis **

Natalie A. Brindell Rooney **

William E. Buescher

Susan Butler Barton

Richard D. Calo

Ralph C. Campana **

Lois J. Campanile *

Arthur Chanda                             

James W. Chatham *       

Diane A. Chudy McClure

William A. Cole

John Colon

Celeste G. Commune

Sharon A Cook Garmar

Sandra E. Corbo Strutt *       

Mark A. Cowles

William L. Cutler

Douglas E. Darling *

Robert G. Davies, Jr. **

Diana M. Dell Corte Pacelli **

Cynthia M. Drumgold Ruti **

Claire F. Dzidolik Prosowski *

Linda S. Fanali Esposito *

Andrea F. Farley Bowron *           

Sandra B. Fischer

Susan Fischer

Michael Flax

Melvin I. Fodiman **

Sherry A. Friedman

Barbara K. Gilmore

Judith D. Gomberg

Gail A. Grassi Hadsell **

Kathleen V. Griffith Lee **

Richard L. Hall

Dorothy L. Hamilton

Paul A. Heckel

John P. Hickey

William A. Hirsch *

James Hoffman *

Charles W. Houpt

Beverly F. Hull Holmes

Janice E. Johnson Hicks

Judith E. Kapusta Genovese *

Eugene Karbowski, Jr. **

Gary B. Kingsley **   

Barbara J. Klunk

Stephanie Kolker Freeman

William P. Kowalsky **

Judy B. Lapitino Jackson

Linda M. LauterwasserVanderMey

Elvira A. Lavorato Palladino

Catherine Leary Frydenborg *

Louise A. Leary

Stella C. Leo Nardi *

Lynn Leonard

Patricia A. Leonowicz Simoneau **

Sally H. Lockwood

Brian Logan

Leslie G. Longe

Walter B. Lundgren **

Donna J. MacFarlane Cato

Ann M. Malley *

Frederick F. Mason

Gary D. Miller

Matthew G. Moon *

Margot R. Morris Mikita  *      

Gene L. Myers

Laura L. Nadrotoski Docimo *

Paul B. Nemiroff **

Thomas P. Neville, Hr. **

Irene E. Nichol

Albert "Paul" Nichols, Jr.

Linda J. Northrup

Michael O'Leary

Donald W. Olson, Jr. **

Theresa R. Origi Marino *

Nicholas M. Palazzo *

Philip G. Perri **        

Samuel G. Pise

Lenore M. Piacenza Ofiero **

Frederick J. Porcelli **

Sharon M. Pustari Wilder

Leo H. Radunski

George T. Reid, Jr.

Patricia A. Reynolds Doyle *

Gwendolyn S. Rice Romano **

Diane E. Roberts Raymond

Barbara H. Rubinstein ** 

Marjorie L. Ruscoe

Joan M. Salvino Palumbo **

Robert P. Sandberg *

Robert W. Scharf *

Lynn Schneider Keeler **

Gertraude R. Schrader

Martha Shriver

Lou Shubert

William H. Shute **

George J. Skraastad *

Pamela H. Slawson *     

Linda J. Smith Campbell *

Maureen Smolack Shipp

Donna Sorese Persiani  *

Edward G. Speer

Carmine Speranza, Jr. **

Joan Spievak *               

Patricia A. Stanys Lesandro

Robert S. Stashenko **

H. Ann Styron

Carol A Swansen Shaw  *

Barbara A. Terico Romanos **  

Joseph F. Tomaselli, Jr.

Denise L. Toulette

F. Wasicki

Robert J. Wasil  *

Lois J. Weaver Reedy *

Richard A. Wignot **

Jeremy C. Wilcox

Patricia R. Worrell **

David S. Wyman

*  no phone number, no email address

** did not return phone call or could not leave message